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In their own words:  Johnson City LPP students share their experience visiting NYU.

Students from the Johnson City Liberty Partnerships Program recently visited New York University (NYU). 

In their own words, two students tell about their experience:


Gianah Neye 

My name is Gianah. I have been in liberty since 7th grade. 

Being in Liberty is one of the most important things to me, walking into the school knowing that I have somewhere that makes me feel safe during school also to go somewhere when I need help or when I'm just not in the mood.

A group of students went to NYU a couple of weeks ago. It was fun, exciting, and overall one of the best experiences I have witnessed being in liberty. We have been to so many colleges but NYU was one of the best, amazing people showing us around the campus and telling us about the college, all the study places, dining hall and so much more.

NYU is different then the other colleges I have been to since I joined Liberty. Not only was the ride longer but when we got there the city was full of people and we got to walk around the city for a little. When we met our tour guides they took us around the city and the campus. Also not only did we go to the college we also went to the 9/11 memorial.

The 9/11 memorial was so interesting, we got to see pictures, pieces of the tragedy and so much more. We walked around for hours looking around, listening to things. The experience was unforgettable and super fun and it was a great opportunity that I got to experience.



Sy-Nesa Crampton 

My name is Sy-Nesa and I have been in Liberty since 6th grade. Liberty is a very great program and being in liberty makes me feel welcome. Liberty gives me more things to do to keep me occupied and also makes me feel more comfortable to talk more and be more involved in things I usually wouldn't be involved in.

Recently for Liberty me and a group of other students went on a field trip to New York City.  This trip was a very fun experience for me because I got to see a lot of things that I usually would not see here in Binghamton. New York City had a lot of tall buildings that were very interesting to me.

This trip was not like other Liberty trips I went on, this trip was more of an experience to see more stuff out of my hometown, and showed me what other places are like such as the environment and people in the area.

When we went to New York city we visited a couple of places there, Such as NYU ( New York University ) and the 9/11 memorial museum. The experience from these gave me another reason to love this trip to New York City.

At NYU we went on a tour around the campus which was around the area of manhattan but it was not like no other college that I visited with liberty, NYU is a college that is around the NYC community, while walking or driving to your other classes you are not only on campus but you are also around other houses, stores and train stations. At the 9/11 museum it was a great place to learn about the past and learn about what people were going through at that time.

This trip brought me much knowledge by teaching me stuff i did not know about 9/11 and how to accept your community and love it and it also showed me someone else life from a different perspective.