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Excitement Builds for the Upcoming Empire Promise Youth Summit: A Journey into the Leadership Jungle

The Empire Promise Youth Summit in Albany, NY, is creating a wave of anticipation with its captivating theme, "Survivor JUNGLE: Lessons in Leadership."

This unique event invites participants to navigate the complexities of leadership through the metaphorical 'jungle,' promoting skills such as resilience, strategy, and collaboration.

Representing the spirit of adventure, local JCHS students Erica, Ava, Jason, Fareeha, Keon, and Reagan, along with the Johnson City LPP team, are set to embark on this educational expedition. They will join peers from across the state in tackling survivor-style leadership challenges that mimic the unpredictability of the jungle.

A highlight of the summit will be the recognition ceremony where Erica, alongside 29 remarkable young leaders from across New York, will be celebrated for their outstanding leadership qualities. This recognition underscores the essence of the summit: identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders who can thrive in diverse and challenging environments.

As the summit approaches, anticipation is high among the participants and organizers. The "Survivor JUNGLE" theme promises not just learning but an unforgettable adventure in leadership. Join us as we dive into the jungle, emerging with invaluable lessons and lifelong connections.